Connect 07/06/17

Posted on July 6, 2017.

Mexico Mission Team Rides Off this Saturday!


Hey everyone,


Away we go! The 2017 Mexico Missions Team will depart on Saturday at 6 am from the church. The team will be travelling in two vans to El Paso, meet up with Jamie Burkemper, and proceed across the border, starting a week of ministry and adventure. Your team members include: Bob Fox (team leader) Fran Simmons, Greg Colburn, and Steve Reese. The student members include: Grant & Rebekah Schumacher, Ben Krawciw, and Chris Reese. The two vans are driven by Steve & Greg.


The week begins with church on Sunday in Juarez and dinner that evening. Beginning on Monday , the team will do any work needed on the church or surrounding grounds. After a rest during the middle of the day and devotions, the team will lead a Vacation Bible School for 100-200 children. In addition, adult men and women come out from the town to join in the festivities. The VBS will have Bible lessons, singing, crafts, and games. This is all led by our team of 8 people!


Be in prayer for our team members and specifically ask God to give Greg Colburn, our translater, a strong voice for the week! The team returns the following Saturday,  July 15


Yours in Christ,