Connect 06/29/17

Posted on June 29, 2017.

"We've Been Expecting You!"


Hey everyone,


Volunteers make churches run smoothly and bless all those who enter through our doors. Andy Krawciw has taken over coordinating our Sunday volunteers! For a number of years Julie Reese helped to organize and schedule our Sunday workers. Andy has done a terrific job taking over, keeping everyone informed, and getting additional folks in place to make our church a warm and welcoming experience each Sunday.


We've seen God's blessing in bringing new families, couples, and young adults to Redeemer over the past several months. Helping them find their place in a new church is all made possible by everything you do. From greeting, to setting up, to teaching, cleaning up, leading music, and visiting after service; everything sends the message that we've been expecting you!


Thanks so much!