The Greatness of God’s Transforming Mercy

Posted on April 7, 2019
Point One: The Greatness of Our Need  
Principle: Our need is revealed in faithlessness
Point Two: The Greatness of What It Does  
Principle: From failure to...
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Two Plans Converge in Darkness

Posted on March 30, 2019
Point One: The Intensity of Christ’s Anguish 
Principle: Jesus is abandoned
Point Two: The Quickness of Christ’s Anguish 
Principle: Jesus was fully &...
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Who's Really the Greatest?

Posted on March 24, 2019

Point One: The Kingdom is an Intimate Family 

Principle: The kingdom creates new kinds of relationships.
Point Two: The Kingdom is a Radical Society 
Principle: The...
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The Greatest Supper!

Posted on March 17, 2019
Point One: The Last Supper Means the Future 
Principle: The Supper Shows the Meaning of Scripture
Point Two: The Last Supper Means Substitution
Principle: The Supper...
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The King Arrives!

Posted on March 10, 2019
Point One: Jesus is the Real King 
Principle: We Love the Hero King.
Point Two: Jesus is the Ruling King 
Principle: Life flourishes under the rightful king.
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