There is a Place in this Universe Where You Can Find Truth

Posted on August 12, 2018
Point One: The Word is to be Carefully handled 
Principle: Straight vs. Crooked Truth
Point Two: The Word is to be taught by Clean heart 
Principle: Gold...
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I don't Remember Signing up for This!

Posted on August 5, 2018
Point One: What are the principles IN Enduring Hardship  
Principle: The soldier, athlete, and farmer teach us.
Point Two: What is Required for Enduring Hardship 
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How to Handle a Mega Valuable Treasure

Posted on July 29, 2018
Point One: Spread The Gospel Actively 
Principle: We must know the content of the gospel.
Point Two: Suffer for the Gospel Bravely
Principle: We must know the offensiveness of...
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Do You Know What it Means to be Saved?

Posted on July 22, 2018
Point One: The Character of Salvation  
Principle: Salvation totally remakes you.
Point Two: The Source of Salvation  
Principle: Salvation begins before time...
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How Much is Enough?

Posted on July 15, 2018
Point One: The Trap of Coveting 
Principle: Coveting will change how you think!
Point Two: The Power of Contentment  
Principle: The best is yet to come!
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