Our Values

Our Values
Our core values serve as guide to focus our energies and resources into selected ministry areas. While many ideas and programs are good, we will focus specifically on those within our core values and principles. Our core values can be summarized in the following:
Redeemer values loving God through passionate worship, loving others in nurturing community, and loving the world through word and deed ministry

1. Loving God through Passionate Worship

Worship at Redeemer seeks to bring people into the presence of God. Our worship is designed to build up the believer and help the curious, skeptical, and uncommitted. Thus, worship at Redeemer is understandable to all who attend.
Inclusive: Brings both believers and non-believers into the presence of God.
Expressive: The music should reflect our people. Therefore, our worship is eclectic, elegant, and reverent.
Gospel-Centered: The worship will be for both the believer and non-believer, showing how the gospel
applies to both groups.

2. Loving Others in Nurturing Community

Through a network of Community Groups, we seek to be visible expressions of a new generation. By meeting in homes for the purpose of creating new friendships, we seek to grow closer to God through the study of the scriptures.

3. Loving the World through Word and Deed Ministry

We will love the world through:
Word Ministry

Jesus tells us, “I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” Jn 4:35. Thus, Redeemer will provide a network of face-to-face encounters and caring relationships with those outside the kingdom in order to introduce them to Jesus and his gospel.

Deed Ministry

Christians must use their resources to “bring peace” to the city (Jeremiah 29:7). As Christians we need our community for it humbles us and calls us to use the gospel to evaluate our lifestyle and to bring healing to brokenness.